With current events as they are, many students are experiencing a first: lessons outside of school. Remote learning moves students across all ages out of crowded buildings and connects them to the classroom virtually.

It’s a major change for kids, parents and teachers who now face the challenge of adapting the home into a practical school space.

That’s why we’ve put together the best gear to convert any space into a fortress of focus that’ll help keep students connected, organized and learning.

Each of these crowdfunding campaigns is currently live and fully funded with products available to pre-order now.

Worky – Office in a Box

worky portable school station

Worky takes all the essentials of an ideal study space and combines them into one compact box. The luggage-sized case opens up to reveal 15 different features including a magnetic whiteboard, built-in power strip and stationary drawer.

worky features
worky home school desk in a box

Besides taking notes, the whiteboard also has an embedded ring light to help video calls look their best. The laptop station makes it possible to connect an external monitor or mouse, all within the Worky.

OBSBOT Tiny Webcam

obsbot tiny webcam

Despite the name, the Obsbot Tiny is a huge upgrade from the little black webcam at the top of every laptop. The camera has a 2-axis gimbal that allows it to swivel and tilt in multiple directions. By using “deep learning neural networks”, the camera can track a moving subject and keep them in the center of the screen.

obsbot tiny camera for remote learning

The Obsbot Tiny also uses something irresistible to kids of any age… gesture controls.

With the wave of a hand users can engage auto-tracking or even zoom-in. Besides capturing 1080p 60fps video, the camera also has dual omni-direction microphones with noise cancellation.

Amp Mountable Webcam Light

amp light for video calls

Fancy webcams won’t do much good if you’re in bad lighting. No one wants to be the shadowy blur on a video call, which is what spawned the idea of the Amp light. The sleek rectangle mounts on monitors, laptops or desks and provides an ambient glow that rivals any photoshoot.

kickstarter amp light on desk

Amp users can adjust the angle, brightness and even color temperature with buttons on the back. 80 bi-color LEDS allow it to replicate everything from the warm glow of a tungsten bulb, to midday sunlight.

ZenPods Earbuds

zenpods with iphone 12

Some school districts require remote students to wear headphones during class, so finding the right pair can make a big difference. ZenPods are wireless earbuds that borrow many of the best features of AirPods, but in a lighter, cheaper (and more colorful) design.

ZenPods with case

As heavy as a single sheet of paper, each ZenPod weighs just 4.2g – 22% lighter than Apple AirPods Pro. Built-in noise cancellation blocks out background chaos from both the speakers and microphone – a savior for Zoom calls in busy households.

BeYou Transforming Chair

beyou office chair review

One of the perks of remote learning is the freedom from rigid plastic chairs found in most classrooms. BeYou takes that freedom a step further with their unique transforming office chair.

beyou transforming chair

The back and armrests are fully adjustable and can lock into various positions on the fly. The backrest alone can become both a seat or a laptop stand.

beyou chair positions

To compensate for the more exotic seating positions, the BeYou chair has a base that is 40% wider than average office chairs. This means you can sit in a yoga pose (or even lay flat and take a nap) without tipping over.

The Foldable Office

best foldable office for remote learning

Simply called “Foldable Office” this all-in-one workstation is a compelling alternative to the Worky. By using an almost origami-like design, the product pops open from a flat board and is ready to use in seconds. There’s an ergonomic laptop stand, phone and pen slots, as well as under-desk storage.

opening the foldable desk

Its second trick? The Foldable Office can be opened sideways and transform into an instant divider. The same tools remain, just in a slightly more private arrangement.

portable foldable office for home schooling

When it’s time to turn the classroom back into the kitchen table, the Foldable Office can be carried away thanks to tray inspired handles.