Keeping clean has never been more important, which is what makes the following projects so helpful. We’ve assembled five crowdfunding campaigns offering unique and innovate ways to help in the ongoing battle against viruses and bacteria. Each project is currently live and available to back.

Killacase Antimicrobial Phone Case

It might come as no surprise that our phones are fetid breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. They go with us everywhere, are touched constantly and (most importantly) are rarely cleaned. The Killacase is a line of phone cases designed to both protect your device and kill germs in the process.

The campaign offers two products that work in unison: the Killaclear TPU see-through case, and the Killascreen tempered glass screen guard. Both pieces are infused with silver ions, which have shown to dramatically decrease bacteria counts and transmission.

Incoming microbes can’t survive or replicate when exposed to silver nanoparticles, helping the Killacase guard against a lot more than just drops and scratches.

UVLyzer Sanitizing Phone Accessory

While the Killacase might keep your phone clean, the UVLyzer keeps everything outside your phone clean. The matchbook-sized device attaches to the back of any phone using adhesive strips. A button at the bottom triggers 4 UVC LED lights, which have been proven to help kill viruses and bacteria.

The compact size and near constant availability means you could disinfect just about anything you come into contact with. Keys, packages, keyboards, and more can be sanitized with a wave of your phone.

The UVLyzer uses its own battery supply, which they say is good for about 100 uses per charge. The device also switches off if it’s facing upwards to prevent beaming anyone in the eye.

JUST5 Self-Sanitizing Jacket

Research has shown that microorganisms can survive on fabrics for up to 2 days. That makes outerwear we can’t wash often (like coats and jackets) potential breeding grounds for bacteria. The JUST5 jacket uses a special blend of silver infused materials to sanitize itself in *just 5* minutes.

We’ve mentioned the antibacterial qualities of silver, but JUST5 uses their own “patent-pending, combination of two synergistic HeiQ technologies” to make the silver even more effective.

The jacket also has a few other germ-combating tricks up its sleeves:

  • Extendable “hand shield” gloves that protect hands from icky things
  • Hood with a built-in transparent visor
  • Self-cleaning lens cloth

Hygiene20 Sanitizing Backpack

There are many kinds of specialized backpacks out there. Backpacks for photographers, cyclists and triathletes. Backpacks for carrying babies or dogs. Possibly even backpacks for dogs carrying babies.

But if there’s one backpack for staying as clean and hygienic as possible, it’s the Hygiene20.

Sleek and modern on the outside, the bag’s interior combines many virus-fighting tactics into one. The inner compartment houses a built-in UV light that activates when the zipper is closed, sterilizing the contents.

One side has a quick access antibacterial wipe pocket, and the other stores an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser.

Besides the cleaning tech, the Hygiene20 is also a durable, water-resistant, cut-proof and functional everyday bag.

Aceso No-Touch UV Sanitizer

Our old pal UV light is at it again, this time in a streamlined pod that disinfects anything you put inside. Remotes, keys, mail, phones or whatever else you can fit are blasted with germicidal lights built-in to the Aceso.

The unique egg-shaped chamber can be powered via cord or battery, which makes the device portable enough bring in the car, or even mount on a wall. Kind of like a pandemic-friendly key hook.

The lid of the Aceso features a built-in motion sensor that allows it to be opened and closed with the wave of a hand. The contactless process means there’s one less thing to worry about become contaminated.