As the official start of winter grows closer, so does the need to guard against its frigid chill. Skiing and snowball fights lose some of their charm when you’re shivering like the last leaf of fall.

That’s why we’ve assembled some of the most innovative and, dare we say hottest winter gear from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. At the time of publication the products listed below are live and available to order.

Quanta Vici Heated Gloves & Socks

quanta vici heated glove

You’ve heard of the “Icy grip of winter” but that doesn’t mean you need to have one too. Quanta Vici has produced a line of socks and gloves with their own fully customizable electric heating elements. A mobile app lets wearers dial in their perfect temperature which the glove (or sock!) automatically maintains. Kind of like a Nest thermostat you can wear.

The battery charges via USB-C and provides over 6.5 hours of continuous heat. The gloves are also waterproof and touch-screen friendly, while the socks feature perks like anti-blister cushions and mesh compression.

Note: BackerClub members get free shipping on their pledge.

SOL Heated Smart Jacket

SOL heated smart jacket

What Quanta Vici does for your hands and feet, the Sol heated smart jacket does for the rest of you. This ultra-light down jacket is augmented with inner heating panels that warm up to 130℉.

The Sol is controlled by either a paired smartphone app or inner button. Carbon fiber heating pads are placed along both the back and front of the jacket near the pockets. This means you can keep your torso warm while also having a toasty place to put your hands.

The battery lasts for up to 8 hours, depending on your desired temperature and is powered by a removable USB-C power bank.

Ravean Electric Hand Warmer

ravean electric hand warmer

Ravean has a history of winter-friendly crowdfunding campaigns, including their own heated jackets and gloves. Their electric hand warmer is the latest, with a funky cork design and best in class battery.

The use of cork has many benefits over the bare metal or plastic you see with other electric hand warmers. It repels moisture, retains heat longer and is naturally anti-microbial. In an Apple-esque design move, the Ravean hand warmer uses only one button to control both the power and heat output.

cork hand warmer features

Three settings switch between 100℉ – 135℉ with a battery life up to 8+ hours. The device can also work as a traditional power bank for recharging phones, headphones cameras etc.

At $39, it’s also the most affordable option on our list.

Trekka Element Jacket

If there’s anything as important as warmth in a jacket, it’s durability. That’s what made the Trekka Element stand out. It’s exterior fabric is made from Nomex, a material usually only worn by racing drivers or astronauts. Considered one step below kevlar, the fabric is fire-resistant, cut-proof, windproof and waterproof.

cut-proof winter jacket

The Element’s insulation comes from Polartec Power Fill, a down alternative that uses recycled plastic to create a warm and sustainable barrier against the cold. The jacket also includes 8 hidden pockets, the largest big enough to haul a 13” laptop.

Skiskates 2

skiskate crowdfunded

No, Skiskates won’t make winter any warmer, but they will make it a lot more fun. Strap on a pair and you’ll find yourself able to coast down the slopes, slice through the back-country, and throw them in a backpack when you’re done.

Skiskates come in one size and attach to any ski or snowboard boot in seconds. Propulsion is similar to wearing ice-skates or Rollerblading and (thankfully) cuts out much of the awkwardness of learning regular skiing.

At 17” long, they’re also incredibly portable – no trailer hitch or fancy roof rack required.

Note: BackerClub members save $10 on Early Bird Skiskates.