A few months ago, the ability to work from home represented a level of freedom most people could only dream of. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, that freedom has shifted into a requirement for many workers. According to an MIT survey, roughly half of the active US workforce is now working remotely. That could be a trend that continues with companies like Twitter stating their employees can work from home indefinitely.

With millions of more people coming to grips with the challenges of working and living under one roof, we’ve put together some of the best crowdfunding campaigns to help conquer the home office.

AiT Smart One Desk

If you’re looking for a workstation with more features than some cars, the AiT Smart One might be for you. Built-in speakers, ambient LED lighting, aromatherapy diffuser, footrest, air quality sensor and security drawer are just SOME of the things included.

The height-adjustable desk raises from sitting to standing positions at the touch of a button and a dedicated app provides office-friendly fitness and stress relief exercises.

With a range of colors, materials and add-ons available, the Smart One can be customized endlessly for a truly unique home desk.

Megi Levitating Desk Lamp

megi levitating desk lamp

Good lighting is crucial to getting work done and avoiding eye-strain. The Megi dimmable floating lamp brightens not just a room, but possibly your mood too. Like something out of a crystal-powered future, the light magnetically hovers in place under the mount, radiating ambient light seemingly out of nowhere.

The lamp also has built-in voice control, wireless charging and a USB port.
Just think of the reactions you’d get on your next Zoom call when they see a levitating lamp next to you. 😮

Mesa 57 Power Integrated Desk

MESA 57 desk

A tangled web of cords at your feet is something no one wants, which is what makes the Mesa 57 so unique. The desk is made from solid Victorian Ash hardwood and houses its own discreet power outlet strip. Anything you need to plug-in slides through a rear panel at the back, eliminating the nest of cords under most desks.

There’s also embedded USB ports, wireless charging and magnetic hooks that allow easy access to things like headphones and handbags.

Maxtand Portable Desk & Monitor Arm

maxtand monitor mount

Maxtand takes the ergonomics of a standing desk and adds a healthy dose of portability. The aluminum base securely raises laptops, monitors or anything else 15” and locks into multiple positions thanks to its three pivot points.

If working from home has left you feeling chained to your desk, the Maxtand can be used independently wherever you’d like a place to set your computer. Couches, floors and kitchen tables can now be a hub of productivity.

Das Keyboard 5Q Smart Keyboard

Das Keyboard 5Q smart keyboard

Fun fact: using keyboard shortcuts can save the average office worker a full 8 days over the course of a year. The Das Keyboard 5Q takes those shortcuts to the next level with software that lets you do just about anything with a single keystroke.

A robust library of applets sets things like inbox alerts, stock quotes and more to individual keys. Backlighting is used to notify you of what’s important – an upcoming conference call could mean a pulsing yellow light. A website outage could flash red.

Gamma Zulu mechanical switches mean the keyboard is also good for what’s most important: typing well. 🙌